• Quality Workforce With Common Minds

    Common Minds is a brand that offers workshops, courses, and boot camps covering topics in high demand disciplines, like business management, language courses and digital marketing. We aim to allow individuals to upskill their talents and strengths to be productive in the current competitive business environment.

    At Common Minds, we offer a range of courses to help you in various fields. You can upskill yourself in different areas, including language proficiency, digital marketing skills, and project management. Most of our courses are also HRDF claimable, so you can enjoy exploring knowledge without much additional cost.

    HRDF is a pool of funds collected from employers to ensure Malaysia continuously develop a high-quality workforce. Employers in the selected sectors must register to donate to this fund while earning benefits in return. Registered employers are going to be provided with training by qualified personnel.

    Common Minds

    We also have a range of language courses, including preparing for major English proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. Other than that, we have language courses that cater to develop your business competence. Improve your business language with our courses like Business Communication Skills and Business English.

    Boost your marketing skills with Common Minds. Please find out about the best marketing methods in the modern age with our Digital marketing courses, covering topics including search marketing and copywriting mastery to community management. Improve your company’s brand with our extensive Image & Branding course catalogue.

    Improve your human resources skills through our HR and Management courses. In Project Management, you will explore ways of managing a task professionally. There is a comprehensive list of topics covered here to teach you how to start, implement, and control an assigned task to achieve specific goals in a tight duration.

    Optimise your skills with Common Minds now. With a vast selection of courses, you can improve your career competence in today’s challenging modern business landscape. Visit the website to explore our language courses catalogues and products to find one that suits your needs. Please register your interest in our courses now.

  • IKEA: Residence Furnishing For Everyone

    IKEA’s Narrative

    Once a small company from the town of Älmhult, Sweden, IKEA has become one of several world’s best-recognized properties decorating brands. IKEA incorporates the very idea of ‘democratic bathroom cabinet design’ to maximise merchandise functionality and give everybody affordable home decorating. It had been accorded the best Design and style accolade in 2018, a prestigious honour for design and style excellence.

    IKEA’s Bestsellers and Newest Goods

    Create a joyful mood within your house with cutleries and joyful decorations from IKEA’s most up-to-date SOLGLIMTAR Constrained Selection! Look at the IKEA series for additional design and style concepts and furniture motivation for various living spaces, and find out the flexibility and functionality of IKEA Malaysia’s bestsellers– the KARLSTAD 2-seat settee and GLADOM plate desk.

    Curate Your Places With IKEA

    Curate functional yet artistic living areas with IKEA’s household furniture and family components. An organised and comfy living quarter is crucial for private well-being. Love an indulging residence spa program with IKEA’s toiletries, luxurious bathroom towels and bath collections, then drift into a great night’s sleeping with IKEA’s comfortable mattresses and special pillows.


    Get Influenced By IKEA Concepts

    Get many different life-styles and design tips from IKEA concepts! Make the best from the residence with IKEA’s artistic accessories and cosmetic furniture parts. Learn how to divide massive living spaces into tiny, functional areas using components like curtains and blinds, or design your recommended atmosphere by mixing distinct colour colours employing furnishings parts.

    IKEA Support Has Arrived To Assist

    Enjoy IKEA’s internet planning providers for adaptable kitchen area system METOD, PAX closet mixtures, and TV home furniture packages BESTA. IKEA’s preparing gurus are here to help and suggest options according to your needs. For professional meetings from our style specialists, email the preferred IKEA merchants these days to find more.

    Get pleasure from Standard And Joyful Food products From IKEA

    Visit IKEA diner and check out our festive special offers from the new menu! The specifically curated food list incorporates mandarin grapefruits as the principal food substance. Explore our food list for vintage favourites, for example, the Swedish meatballs and newly unveiled veggie balls for the far healthier option. If you need a speedy snack, decrease by IKEA Cafe for muffins and drinks.

    See Your Nearby IKEA Malaysia Shops These days

    Drop by IKEA stores at Damansara, Cheras, Tebrau and Batu Kawan, or surf the IKEA application for facts about the latest products, special discounts, and in-retailer situations. Get community retailer information before in-retail store sessions, while we regularly update our functioning hours according to protection recommendations to make a harmless buying environment.

    Go to IKEA For High quality Residence Furnishing

    IKEA maintains a bother-totally free, progressive procedure for its procedures and fashions Globally known for its reasonably priced and useful property furnishing merchandise. IKEA has consistently offered top-quality services and bathroom cabinet products for consumers worldwide. Clients can retail outlet at IKEA anytime and just about anywhere, both in-shop and internet-based.

  • Maggi: Makanan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia

    Apa itu Maggi?

    Selepas kebebasan, pengilang dari Switzerland, Maggi membuat keputusan di Malaysia di bawah Nestle. Maggi menjadi sangat disukai oleh penduduk dengan mi dan perasa cepat ini. Pengilang telah mencapai banyak kejayaan, termasuk memenangi Emas untuk Kepujian Nama Jenama Putra pada tahun 2019. Rakyat Malaysia suka Maggi kerana penghasilan makanan halal yang menjadikan perancangan resepi ayam percik lebih mudah.

    Produk Dari Maggi

    Maggi terkenal dengan mee segera yang sedap dengan rasa seperti kari dan unggas. Kami menawarkan sos, seperti cili dan perapan tiram, untuk dijadikan bumbu atau perasa dalam masakan anda. Barangan perasa kami seperti kiub bouillon kami juga dapat membuat persediaan makanan anda sedikit. Kami mempunyai spageti cepat dan campuran yang mesti anda sediakan dengan hidangan yang mudah.

    Resepi Yang Harus Kami Pertimbangkan

    Pelbagai resipi berkualiti diberikan agar anda dapat dihasilkan dengan mudah dengan barangan Maggi. Sekiranya anda mencari resipi kualiti unggas, rendang ayam kami tidak sukar dihasilkan dengan perasa CukupRasa. Kami juga mempunyai resipi lazat dengan daging. Sebagai gambaran, menu daging dan brokoli kami dibuat dengan enak menggunakan sepakan dari pengasam tiram kami.

    Maggi MY

    Makanan Segera dengan Maggi

    Dengan CukupRasa, anda boleh membuat hidangan nasi yang enak dan cepat dalam kesederhanaan, seperti resipi goreng Cina kami. Selain itu, terdapat hidangan untuk makanan laut, termasuk resipi udang kami yang diselitkan dalam rasa panas dan pedas serta masam dari Campuran MAGGI Tomyum. Sekiranya anda ingin membuat makanan sihat untuk isi rumah anda, sekarang kami mempunyai hidangan sayur seperti kangkung belacan goreng atau kailan makanan laut masin.

    Masakan di Seluruh Dunia

    Sediakan makanan makanan dari seluruh dunia dengan barang dari Maggi. Katalog hidangan kami mengandungi resipi lazat tradisional barat seperti meatloaf dan versi timur, termasuk ladu domba dan kung pao unggas. Buat piring Jepun cepat dengan sos tiram menggunakan resipi teriyaki unggas kami dan hidangan Arab seperti Nasi Arab Fowl dengan kiub inventori.

    Cabaran Baru Bersama Maggi

    Oleh kerana Maggi adalah jenama terkenal di seluruh dunia, barang-barang kami bahkan telah dimasukkan ke dalam resipi pencuci mulut yang berkualiti. Sebagai contoh, kheer, puding India konvensional yang dibuat dari beras dan susu keseluruhan, juga boleh dibuat dengan mi dari Maggi 2-Moment Noodles. Makanan tukang masak juga memasukkan barang Maggi untuk menyajikan resipi lazat seperti keripik kentang dan banyak lagi.

    Trik dan petua Maggi

    Kami memberi anda arahan untuk memasak dengan cekap untuk menghasilkan penggunaan masa yang lebih baik dengan orang tersayang di rumah anda sendiri. Maggi mempunyai manual untuk mencari pasangan sempurna untuk pasta peribadi anda, menggoreng makanan laut dengan mahir, atau menyiapkan hidangan dengan cara untuk menjimatkan wang, masa, dan kesihatan keseluruhan anda. Ketahui cara menguraikan dapur anda dari kami untuk memastikan anda mengoptimumkan ruang penyediaan makanan anda di rumah anda sendiri.

    Memilih Maggi

    Pilihlah Maggi sebagai teman penyediaan makanan anda sekarang untuk sebarang perancangan hidangan ringan dan bebas dari sakit kepala di rumah anda. Barang dagangan kami dapat melengkapkan banyak makanan dengan cara serba boleh untuk menyediakan apa sahaja yang mudah didapati di dapur dapur anda. Resepi ayam percik berlimpah kami juga boleh mendorong anda untuk membuat beberapa makanan mudah untuk membantu anda keluar dari hidangan.