Maggi For Malaysians

Introducing Maggi

Started in Switzerland and resolved in Malaysia after freedom, Maggi is famous for food products adored by Malaysians, such as quick noodles and spices. Our successes generate Golden for your 2019 Putra Company Prizes 2019 under Nestle. Malaysians love to use Maggi since it is halal food and a product which will make preparing resepi nasi lemak straightforward.

What to Get From Maggi

Maggi is renowned for immediate noodles in several flavours like curry and chicken breast. But we also have other products, such as sauces, like chilli and oyster sauce, that are applied as condiments or added to your food preparation. Cooking food is a lot easier using our seasonings like our poultry and meat stock cubes. To generate fast food, you can consider our mixes and instant noodles.

Maggi’s Vital Dishes

We have straightforward recipes that you can make with things from Maggi. We have poultry dishes, for example, our sambal chicken breast cooked in Maggi soy marinade or perhaps tasty poultry rendang made out of Maggi CukupRasa. Tasty recipes for meats are created more delicious with the meat broth cubes, for example, the menu for meat dendeng and delicious fried noodles.

Maggi MY

Instantly Delightful Dishes with Maggi

Need to have anything quickly and yummy? Attempt our straightforward, tasty recipes with CukupRasa and fried rice seasoning packages, like our Chinese fried rice recipe. Like our prawns layered in spicy and sourness from your Tomyum Mixture, seafood recipes are also offered. Serve nourishing organic tasty recipes like fried kangkung belacan or salted fish kailan with the stock cubes.

Taste The World With Maggi

Make meals from around the world with items from Maggi. Our recipe collection includes western recipes like the meaty meatloaf and eastern ones, for example, lamb dumplings and kung pao fowl. Come up with a quick Japanese recipe with this oyster sauce, this teriyaki chicken formula, and Arab meals like the Chicken breast Arab Rice using our stock cubes.

Special Food with Maggi

Maggi products are so well recognized worldwide that people have incorporated them into dessert quality recipes. In certain pieces on the planet, kheer, a regular Indian rice whole milk pudding, has Maggi’s instant noodles a part of it. Besides, treat recipes like potato chips have been attempted with Maggi products by house cooks.

Instructions and Tips From Maggi

Our suggestions are for you to optimise your cooking to make you acquire more time with the family. Maggi can assist you in obtaining the best set of pasta, fry seafood appropriately, or preparing food properly to economize time and health. You can also find out about decluttering your home to give you a perfect food preparation space at home.

Maggi For Your Selection

Opt for Maggi as your cooking companion for trouble-cost-free and quick food planning in the home. Our items can enhance a lot of food in adaptable ways to ensure that you can cook nearly anything readily available inside your pantry. Our excellent quality resepi nasi lemak may also encourage you to generate several easy foods to acquire from dish ruts.

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